Business Support Services

In the Business Support Systems (BSS) domain, we have established ourselves as a dominant BSS player by developing key Customer Management System for our clientele as below.

CELCOM Online Customer Service

Celcom is one of CompuDyne’s most prominent clientele. Our team had allocated massive resources to work together with Celcom Customer Service to create a unique web-based application providing efficient customer service experience.

Online Customer Service (OCS) enables Celcom customers to check account status, perform online payments, make billing enquiries and manage customers’ overall account without having to leave their seat, anytime, anywhere.


TM Online Self-Service E-Billing B2C and B2B

TM Online is a Self-Service E-Billing system developed by CompuDyne to streamline TM billing operations and deepen customer relationships. The application provides B2B (Business) and B2C (Consumer) customers with the ability to cost-effectively present interactive and personalized bills online with multiple payment options. System capabilities include:

  • Hierarchy management tools
  • In-depth billing data analysis
  • Real Time Cost and usage trends across multiple views of organization.



This is the first CompuDyne’s initiative to be an independent software provider in the space of Customer Relationship Management. For the past three years, we have expanded our software from an electronic bill presentment and billing to customer self-service solution. Today it has become a complete product suite that offers integrated Online Self Service and Customer Care systems.



This is in-house interfacing tools 100% developed by CompuDyne enabling the consolidation of complex customer sign-in, order management and billing systems into a streamlined and simple registration process. A normal business procedure involving data entry into 40-60 pages in a few hours is now made simpler with single screen sign-on and less than 7 minutes process completion

The APIs we developed are very robust and well structured whereby our project can typically be completed within less than 3 months. Return on Investment (ROI) is realized from massive overtime reduction and also enables faster product delivery to customers.

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