Operation Support Services

Operation Support Services (OSS) are computer systems used by telecommunications service providers that deal with the telecom network itself. In CompuDyne, we have a team of experienced individuals in telecommunication industry and we can offer advice and solutions to service providers for any OSS related issues including but not limited to maintaining network inventories, provisioning services, configuring network components, managing faults, etc.

We are proud to present you with some of CompuDyne’s most significant Operation Support System developed for our clientele.

Amdocs Cramer Network Inventory System

CompuDyne is the certified partner of AMDOCS Cramer to implement their Network Inventory System. CompuDyne has in-depth experience in implementing Cramer Network Inventory solution in Excel Indonesia and TIMEdotCom Malaysia (TDC).

At TDC, we have implemented Amdocs Resource Manager which is the core OSS inventory management product that maintains an accurate model of network capacity and connectivity by maintaining a detailed inventory of the physical, logical and service components of the network. The product supports a universal inventory for multi-technology, multi-vendor networks and a capacity model that supports automated network and service fulfillment.


Carrier IQ Network Performance Management

CompuDyne is a Prime Partner for Carrier IQ in this Region which currently include Service Providers from Indonesia and the Philippines. Carrier IQ is a Mobile Service Intelligence company that uses the mobile phone to provide detailed metrics on service quality and usage to Mobile Operators, device manufacturers and also mobile service and content providers.

CompuDyne has been awarded by PT XL Axiata Tbk to provide Managed Services Carrier IQ Solutions in Indonesia.


TELCORDIA® Network Engineer GIS System

CompuDyne is also a partner to Telcordia Network Engineer which is the world’s leading GIS-based system for planning, designing, engineering, and documenting complex communications networks.

CompuDyne has successfully implemented the system at TIMEdotcom (TDC) to keep track of their extensive fiber network by providing real-time, accurate network views. CompuDyne has assisted TDC to streamline their engineering and construction operations, accelerate revenue realization through faster network builds, and avoid unnecessary capital expenditures.


TELSYS Copper Mapping System

This is a unique and niche product by Teletech Pte Ltd from Melbourne Australia. The system allows automated mapping of field telecommunication cabinets located remotely offsite directly to a telecom exchange center. The system would inspect phone/data line connectivity, quality, and provide automated reconciliation with the centralized network inventory system.

The system benefits Telco organization by reconciling their centralized records with those that are actually available in the field. It also indirectly helps to discover hidden assets which would otherwise remain under utilized, thus reducing capital spending.

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